Get a Marine Insurance Quote

The Marina Shop offers no obligation quotes for Blue Water Marine Insurance (minimum of 2 experienced persons onboard), Coastal and Public Liability Insurance (also called Third Party). All our underwriters are A rated, well known, international insurers experienced in marine insurance. Just select the type of marine insurance you require, click the appropriate button and fill in the proposal. The Easy Save feature allows you to save your data at any time and return to the proposal when you wish. All you need to do is register and login. For your convenience there’s a feature whereby you can upload documents such as surveys and sailing resumes as you work through the proposal.

SWING MOORINGS - Currently we are unable to obtain marine insurance for new clients with vessels on swing moorings in New Zealand waters. We have been able to negotiate a few exceptions. This matter is under review.

Types of Insurances

  • Blue Water Marine Insurance provides cover for ocean passages from clearing customs on departure and arrival at your final destination. Liability/Third Party cover is included. Blue Water marine insurance can be for cruising holidays or ocean voyages. Your vessels registration/flag determines which marine insurers can offer terms.
  • Coastal Marine Insurance provides cover within defined areas such as the Mediterranean or around the coast of countries such as, for example, Australia or New Zealand. Liability/Third Party cover is included.
  • Public Liability (otherwise called 3rd Party) provides cover for damage to other people's boats and structures. This insurance is now mandatory for most marinas and hard stands. Public Liability Insurance is available for NZ Coastal waters at the following prices: 12 months - NZ$445; 8 months - NZ$370; 6 months - NZ$320; 1 month - NZ$180 and 12 months (Ferro Hull) - NZ$580. Other locations are subject to a quotation. Please read the ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA for Public Liability Insurance. Liability Insurance is not available to Australian, Canadian, Cook Islands and USA flagged vessels. If your boat is either over 40 years old or has a Ferro hull you will need a Condition Report. Click to download
  • Travel Medical Insurance provides international emergency care including specialised benefits such as evacuation cover
  • If in doubt please contact us. We are here to help 24/7