Blue Water Insurance
Blue Water Insurance
Coastal Insurance
Coastal Insurance
Public Liability (3rd Party) Insurance
Public Liability (3rd Party) Insurance

Marine Insurance

The Marina Shop offers Blue Water Marine Insurance (usually minimum of 2 persons onboard), Coastal and Public Liability Boat Insurance (also called Third Party”) through well known and respected marine insurers with a history of settling claims quickly and fairly.

We provide free, no obligation quotes for boat insurance almost anywhere on the globe and for Coastal Waters for a number of countries. Public Liability Marine Insurance (Third Party Insurance) is quoted on a fixed scale based on the time on cover and the type of hull construction. Also, we offer Travel Medical Insurance.

To obtain a boat insurance quote, just select the type of insurance required (click on the appropriate button above) and fill in the form. Use the floating SAVE button to save your form at any time so you can complete it whenever is convenient. When complete, just SUBMIT the form for your quote.

The Marine Insurance market has contracted over the last four years and we are no longer able to secure quotations for all vessel types, locations and nationalities. The main factors that will determine if insurance can be secured for your vessel are: flag/registration, age of vessel/rigging, location/itinerary, owner's residency, type of mooring etc. If you wish to discuss the application process before completing an online proposal/form, please email or call +64 9 402 6093.

We don't offer advice on the suitability of any policy. The decision to choose and purchase a policy is yours. You should be sure that the policy you select meets your needs.

Why choose us for your marine insurance?

We seek quotations on your behalf from recognised and respected Marine Insurers. We are neither representative nor agents of the Insurers. We specialize in insurance for pleasure craft (yachts/SVs, launches/MVs, catamarans, etc) and we speak your language - we know the difference between a sheet and a painter, a windlass and a windvane... All the underwriters on our panel are well respected and have A credit ratings. If you make a claim, we will be available to explain the claims process.

Our Marine & Boat Insurance

  • Blue Water (minimum of 2 persons onboard), most locations excluding War Zones. Some Flags/Registrations notably Australian and New Zealand excluded
  • Coastal (New Zealand and a few other countries) to 200NM
  • Public Liability (Third Party) excluding vessels flagged/registered in: Australian, Canadian, USA and a few others
  • International Travel Medical Insurance
  • Ferro (Public Liability only for 12 months)
  • Monohulls, Catamarans and Trimarans (excluding vessels on foils)
  • Marine Insurers with A Credit Ratings and good claims histories
  • Help with Claim settlement
  • We are available 24/7

THIRD PARTY (LIABILITY) INSURANCE ("TPO") - we are now able to arrange TPO for vessels on Swing Moorings and in Marinas in New Zealand and a few other locations. Vessels over 40 years and Ferro hulls require a Condition Report (see Downloads below).

COASTAL INSURANCE - we are able to arrange Comprehensiv/Full cover for vessels in Marinas in New Zealand and a few other locations, subject to usual conditions.

BLUE WATER INSURANCE ("BW") - while we can arrange BW insurance for most vessels in many locations you may wish to contact us on either or +64 9 402 6093 to discuss you eligibility before completing a BW proposal on 


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